Floral is a floral design company, defined by its style and exquisite quality.

We specialize in personalized arrangements for private events of any size. Our success is based on a foundation of stunning artistry, experienced event management, and an impressive dedication to high-end customer service. We work with each client to bring their visions to life through customized creativity and style. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to service ensure that each event is developed with the client’s confidence. From our first meetings to the completion of our designs, we develop relationships that last well beyond floral artistry.

The “B” behind B Floral

Bronwen Smith is the “B” behind B Floral – the company’s founder and lead designer.

Raised in New York City, Bronwen grew up in a world full of events. While attending festivities and celebrations for family and friends had its own excitement, her favorite events were those she would help to create. She has always found a sense of magic in watching spaces transform from a blank canvas to a stylish and decorative setting uniquely framing an event. The most alluring aspect of each transformation was the way in which floral artistry highlighted and defined the space.

Upon graduating from Duke University in 2002, with a BA in economics, she quickly returned back to NY, as her career began with the intensity of Wall Street. While it was not her ultimate destination, she developed financial skills and business experience which have been great assets and foundations for developing B Floral. After Wall Street, she happily found her way back into events, achieving great success in managing, marketing and developing events within the sports and entertainment industries. In addition, she has been involved in the organization and design of prominent charity events throughout recent years.

With artistic training from The New York Botanical Garden and The Flower School of New York, Bronwen’s enduring passion for floral design and a natural sense of creativity have combined to create the beauty and style of B Floral’s high-end floral designs. Bronwen’s dedication and commitment to her clients, as well as the strength of her professional experience compliment each of B Floral’s designs. The strengths of Bronwen and her team have quickly established B Floral as one of New York’s best new floral design companies.