Modern Style Trend: A Monochromatic Theme For Your Next Event

Keep your next event simple and chic by incorporating a monochromatic color scheme. There are many pros to incorporating a monochromatic color scheme to your next event. Monochromatic can be defined as containing or using one color. Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue, extended into either lighter or darker shades and tones of that hue. 

This type of event theme gives off a strong sense of simplicity. The use of one color helps create a harmonic atmosphere, contrast against other elements in the room, and can make a memorable impression on guests. This decor style is also on the modern side and will give off minimalistic and chic vibes. 


In certain scenarios, the minimalistic, monochromatic style works well especially when showcasing a specific product! It sets a minimalistic scene, allowing for the content of the room to shine.

Typically, a product can be associated by color and incorporating a monochromatic theme would help. Also think about incorporating some sort of interactive installation to increase engagement at and after your party. If you want your product to stand out, you can select a contrasting color as the theme to really make it pop.


In curating a monochromatic event, your biggest tools are going to be the different shades, tones, and hues of the main color you choose. A good trick is to contrast the different hues, shades, and tones correctly. It is also much easier to decorate with one color, instead of having to match and coordinate different colors. 


You could also incorporate two different monochrome colors into your event instead of just one. For example, this table scape we created was based off of both pink and purple, and just different hues and tones of each color.


Monochromatic themed events will leave a lasting impression on your guests. If you want to associate a specific color to your company or campaign, a monochromatic styled event is perfect. Elevate your next event using this effortlessly chic and modern style!




Men's Floral Fashions: Bow Ties for Summer

Summer events are just around the corner and it’s time to prep for not only event logistics, but your summer party looks! Each year it’s always exciting to show off a new seasonal outfit and pair with the perfect summer accessories. B Floral has a fresh floral accessory line with pieces for both women and men to elevate their outfits. As much as we focus on women’s style, we can’t forget the men in our lives. Whether attending corporate events or private dinner parties, a bow tie is a classic accessory that any man can incorporate into his summer looks.

Read on to learn how B Floral takes a bow tie to the next level and how to style bow ties into any summer outfit!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 4.29.20 PM.png

If you’re looking to sport a bow tie this summer, it’s important to stay away from a traditional style. A bow tie with a unique design will not only improve an outfit but can become a talking point in conversations throughout an event. To put a spin on this accessory, B Floral adds fresh florals, succulents and greenery to a plain or patterned bow tie base. Each piece is customizable— color, texture and overall design is completely up to your tastes and components of your outfit. Looking for tips on how to incorporate a floral bow tie into looks for both corporate and casual events? Check out our tips below! 

  • Focus on mixing patterns. Don't be afraid to combine patterns while pairing a floral bow tie with a dress shirt. A floral bow tie may be composed of a variety of colors and textures, but it can pair perfectly with a bold pattern without looking busy.

  • Stick to bold hues. Before the warm summer days pass us by, take advantage of bright summer colors. If you choose a greenery bow tie, pair it with a bright color such as pink or yellow for contrast and a pop of color.

  • Keep the type of event in mind. A corporate event may require a subdued, professional look, so a simple floral bow tie such as a design consisted of a monochromatic color scheme would be appropriate and stylish. However, if you're attending a private party, combining a unique patterned dress shirt and colorful bow tie will create the perfect summer look. 

If you're looking for the perfect dress shirt to pair with your bow tie, we love the wide array of stylish options from Bonobos. The variety of textures and colors will leave you with an endless amount of options for your summer style. Click on each look below for outfit inspiration!


Stand out at an upcoming summer event with the ultimate men's accessory: the floral bow tie. Once you have an outfit in mind, you can play around with color and texture using the freshest of florals and succulents. No matter if you're at an event for work or play, this out-of-the-box take on a classic accessory will surely impress. Ring in summer with a floral bow tie at your first event of the season!

April 2018 Events: Spring Has Officially Sprung!

In recent months, installations have become a large part of the event landscape. In April, we worked with multiple clients to bring a statement piece into their events. Whether at product launches, media showcases or pop-ups, we incorporated branding and bold colors into memorable installations.

Continue below to check out a few of our top April events!

Bratskeir & Company - Timex Influencer Dinner

Whimsical bell jars filled with delicate florals and greenery were used to highlight Timex's Crystal Bloom watch collection at an intimate influencer dinner produced by Bratskeir & Company at The NoMad Hotel on April 24th.


Dia&Co- Pop-up Shop

Dia & Co Pop-up Lounge- B Floral

A hanging floral window display and a branded flower wall became focal points at Dia&Co's pop-up shop on April 14th.


B Floral- Spring Media Event

Ultra Violet Installation- B Floral

A variety of installations and 'photo-worthy' moments captured B Floral's production capabilities at a spring media event on April 18th at Home Studios.

B Floral Spring Media Overall Shot- B Floral
Fresh Floral Jewelry- B Floral

Tinder- "The Opposite of Hate" Event

Tinder Heart Floral Wall- B Floral

Tinder's vibrant ombré heart shaped floral wall created a memorable photo moment at "The Opposite of Hate" book launch at The Guggenheim on April 6th.  

Tinder #RepresentLove Wall- B Floral

BOLD PR- GHD Blowout Event

Product Display For GHD Hair- B Floral

Loose florals and small arrangements were interspersed throughout various product displays at a BOLD PR produced GHD Hair blowout event on April 5th at the Public Hotel.


Siren PR- Vichy Editor Staycation Event

A citrus-filled table runner was featured at a Siren PR produced editor staycation showcasing Vichy's new Vitamin C serum on April 11th at The Whitby.


2 Easy DIY Floral Arrangements for Spring Using Common Household Objects

Spring is in full bloom and what better way to celebrate than with fresh floral arrangements complemented with beautiful vases! Vases that are unique and beautiful can be quite pricey, but these easy, DIY vessels are fresh and will add the perfect touch to your home or office. Since these ideas include objects that you already have lying around your house, your shopping list will most likely only contain a few shades of paint and some fresh blooms!

1. Repurposed wine bottle

B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement

If you love wine, this DIY vessel is perfect for you. The final product will add the perfect touch to your mantel, bedside table or kitchen counter.

What you’ll need:

-       (1) wine bottle (with labels peeled off)

-       (1) small bottle of metallic gold acrylic paint

-       (1) can of white spray paint or bottle of white acrylic paint

-       (1) 2 inch paint brush

-       (2) peach roses

-       (3) stems of wax flowers

-       (1) stem of pink ranunculus

-       (1) stem of white lisianthus

B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangment
B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement


-       Start by spray painting or brush painting the wine bottle white. If you have access to the proper safety measures and a suitable space for the process, spray painting is the ideal method. However, brush painting works well too. Spray paint or brush paint the bottle until you obtain a fully opaque layer of white on the bottle.

-       Once the white paint has dried completely, use the metallic gold paint and 2 inch paint brush to create “waves” on the bottle. Don’t be afraid to mess up – the waves are not supposed to be perfectly balanced/spread out! The off-balance strokes give the vessel a more artisanal look. As a rule of thumb, the waves should go no higher than 3 inches from the base of the bottle and no lower than 2 inches. The gold paint strokes and layers may become textured as you paint to create an opaque layer. Don’t worry, this is good as it gives the vessel more character and adds to the artisanal look.

-       This vessel is great for a person with little to no flower arranging experience as there is really no method to the madness. Simply place all of your blooms in the vase in a careful manor. Be sure that there is a stem or two of wax flower separating your two peach roses from each other.

B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement
B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement

1. Mason Jar Trio

B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement

What’s better than one floral arrangement? Three floral arrangements! There is something magical and unexpected about the combination of rose gold, cream and a colorful pastel, so that’s why we incorporated this color combination into our second DIY idea. Any pastel shade would work so we advise you to choose one that best coordinates with the color scheme of your home.

What you’ll need:

-       (3) mason Jars

-       (1) small bottle of cream acrylic paint

-       (1) small bottle of metallic rose gold acrylic paint

-       (1) small bottle of (pastel color of your choosing) acrylic paint

-       (1) 2-3 inch paint brush

-       (9) white roses

-       (9) stems of pink wax flowers

-       (3) stems of pink spray roses

-       (6) stems of wax flowers

-       (3) stems of lisianthus

-       (9) pink ranunculi

-       (6 stems of lysemachia

B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement
B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement

-       Use the 2-3 inch paint brush and the three paint colors to paint one mason jar cream, one mason jar rose gold and one mason jar your chosen pastel color. Wash and dry the brush between painting each jar to prevent mixing colors. When painting, make sure to apply a full layer of paint all over the outside of the jar from the base to the top of the rim. Apply layers of paint until the coating is completely opaque.

-       Once each jar is completely dry, you can begin placing flowers in your newly created vessel. Evenly disperse each type of flower in each of the vessels. This arrangement is quite simple for the average person to create as the garden/wildflower look of the arrangement makes it so there is no specific way you need to arrange the individual stems.

-       Place all three arrangements together, side-by-side on a coffee table, dining room table or a credenza to add the perfect spring touch to your household.

B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement
B Floral- DIY Floral Arrangement

Although these blooms will sadly last only a bit, your newly created vases will last for years to come! Whether you use them as decoration for your next event or simply enjoy them every morning while sipping your morning coffee, these beautiful spring creations are sure to add a special touch to your day. To see more floral arrangement tips, styling and inspiration follow us on our Instagram @bfloralnyc.

Top Event Design Trends for Summer 2018

Summer is approaching and we’re beyond excited for the celebrations to come! Each season is full of new event design and production trends and we’re always looking to innovate clients' events. Besides taking advantage of the gorgeous weather by hosting outdoor events, there are plenty of ways highlight the best elements of summer. Check out the event design trends you’ll be seeing all season long and try to incorporate a few into any upcoming event!

Out-of-the-Box Outdoor Installations

Floating Floral Rings- B Floral

Nothing says summer more than an outdoor bash! It’s important to separate your event apart from the rest. You can achieve this by incorporating out-of-the-box installations into your venue. When it comes to unique summer installations, size isn’t the most important factor; creativity and a strong visual impact are key.

One type of installation you’ll be seeing this summer is a floating installation. They're not only one-of-a-kind, but take advantage of an often underutilized area of a backyard space. Floral rings in bright and bold colors are unique elements that can be placed throughout a pool of any size.

Balloon installations will also be very popular this summer. Feature balloons on arches, as a photo booth backdrop or incorporated into a display. Mix and match colors and sizes as you see fit to correspond with the theme and feel of the event. For an added pop, incorporate florals into the installation for a mix of texture and color.



Utilizing Natural Elements

The beauty of throwing an outdoor event is that you can utilize the many elements already found in nature. Whether hanging floral installations from trees or placing lights throughout shrubbery, using trees and plants is both cost effective and will elevate a design. Hedges are examples of multi-purpose natural features that can be used to heighten the venue.

Throughout the summer you’ll find many instances of hedges being utilized as focal points. One way to turn a hedge into an installation is to place a neon sign within the hedge of a logo, event name/date or hashtag. Frame the logo with an assortment of florals to add in a mix of color. This installation can be used as a photo moment or overall statement piece. You can also fill a hedge with blooms to use as a backdrop or statement wall to wow guests and tie-in the color scheme of your gathering.


Themed Events

White Coral Tablescape- B Floral

Immerse your guests in a specific theme at an upcoming event. If you incorporate a number of small details, guests will appreciate the extra touches that go above and beyond to create a unique environment. Pay close attention to color, texture and corresponding décor that will tie together the theme of your event.

One go-to option perfect for summer is an untraditional take on a coastal theme. Throw away color and stick to hues of white and gray for an elegant look. Use white coral as décor to bring the sea to your event without using clichéd elements such as shells, sand or anchors. Scatter coral throughout the center of a table to create a modern, seaside table runner for a memorable tablescape.

An important aspect of a themed event is attention to detail. For example, if you’re hosting an event with a cultural theme that includes a custom such as eating on the ground, adopt this into your event to make it as authentic as possible. Customized table settings using detailed plates, flatware and accents such as flowers is another way to let the theme of your event shine through.


Mini Potted Plants

Cacti & Succulent Table Runner- B Floral
Colorful Cactus Table Setting- B Floral

With so much diversity in variety, color and texture, potted plants are a crowd favorite. Succulents and cacti add a natural feel to a tablescape, coffee tables or other highlighted surfaces. You can easily find pots in different colors and patterns that fit the style of the gathering.

There are many ways to bring mini potted plants into your summer venue. Cluster pots of various sizes throughout a tablescape to create a full table runner. You can also place a plant on top of each plate to elevate a traditional table setting. Gift mini potted plants at the end of your event as the perfect take away. They're easily portable and can be placed in a home or apartment of any size.