Floral Sightings Throughout the City

Living in the “Concrete Jungle,” or even just visiting Manhattan is fantastic. While we wouldn't have it any other way, being in New York can feel like you’re in a world of just brick and stone. If you’re anything like us at B Floral, you have a taste for natural beauty as well as a city lifestyle.

There are multiple locations throughout the city with beautiful floral sightings. Some are obvious, like Central Park, and some are a bit more low-key. You might not notice them in your daily haze of commuting across town. We have compiled some of our favorite spots to share with you:

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is an attractive tourist destination. There are often live performances and an abundance of people socializing or lounging. The Washington Square Arch is gorgeous from a distance, and even better up close. Aside from man-made beauty, the park also has plenty of visually satisfying trees, and of course, flowers. Our favorite sighting in the park are these delicate astilbes:

Delicate Pink Astilbes - B Floral

Columbia University

One out of the eight Ivy League schools in the United States happens to be on the northern side of Manhattan. Columbia University was founded in 1754, and currently is home to some of the greatest minds in the world. While the architecture is breathtaking, there are also plenty of vibrant flowers to observe like these white azaleas, purple petunias and orange garden roses. 

Columbia University Flowers - B Floral

Tompkins Square Park

Tompkins Square Park, located in the East Village, has a humble vibe as compared to other parks throughout the city. One of the perks of the park is the dog park, which can put a smile on almost anyone’s face! The park is also full of fantastic flowers, adding a fantastic visual appeal to the park. Here are some of our favorites we spotted here:

Greenwich Village

The heart of the West Village is more known it’s history. The Stonewall Riots, and a large portion of the LGBT rights movement was born in this corner of our city. There’s also some other beauty in between these streets: flowers. These red garden roses and purple azaleas that rest in the heart of the village are surrounded by a gate to protect them. Alongside the restaurants The Grey Dog are gorgeous and vibrant pink geraniums. 

Bright Pink Geraniums - B Floral

Greenwich Village Waterfront

The Greenwich Village waterfront has multiple piers, and plenty to experience. From Pier 45, also known as Christopher Street Pier, one can see the Statue of Liberty and buildings from Jersey City. Besides the fantastic views of the ocean, the piers have New Yorkers lounging in the grass, people mid-workout, and a gorgeous display of pink garden roses.

Pretty Pink Garden Roses - B Floral

Abington Square

While wandering through the village, one might stumble upon Abington Square. Here you can spot orange petunias and multiple gorgeous alliums. Surrounded by a variety of stores and restaurants, Abington Square is the perfect place to rest your feet in the middle of a hectic day.

While the reason people move to New York City generally isn't the parks or flowers, it's definitely great to take a moment and appreciate the smaller beauties that lie in the city. We encourage everyone to take a moment to stop, and smell the roses...literally! 

May 2018 Events: All About Branded Blooms

Branding at an event is essential in leaving a lasting impression. This past month our clients wanted to combine signature identifiers of their brands such as logos with flower wall designs that speaks to a featured product. From spirit brands to makeup brands, we helped our clients achieve the perfect balance between brand presence and unique design.

Check out a few of our top events in May below!

Jack Morton Worldwide- Belvedere Ginger Zest Launch

We helped Jack Morton Worldwide transform the NoMo Soho Hotel into a citrus-filled wonderland with a mix of installations for Belvedere Vodka's Ginger Zest launch on May 15th.



Yellow and orange florals made a star-filled flower wall pop at the TODAY Show's TODAY Prom on May 21st. 


Satis&fy- Ketel One Botanical Launch 

Fruits found within the different flavors of Ketel One Botanical were featured on a branded floral wall for a launch party taking place at 620 Loft & Garden on May 16th.

Floral Garland for Ketel One Botanical Launch- B Floral

OneNine Design- Neutrogena x Kerry Event

A tropical flower wall reflecting colors from the new Neutrogena x Kerry makeup collection was created for a Q&A with Kerry Washington produced by OneNine Design on May 4th the Upper East Side Ulta.


MKTG- Smirnoff Media Event

Smirnoff kicked off summer with a media event charter sailing around Manhattan produced by MKTG, which featured a colorful flower wall reflecting the brand's Red, White & Berry flavor. 


Summer in the City: How to Design the Ultimate NYC Event this Summer

Summer is not only our favorite time of year, but a period where many amazing outdoor and indoor events take place. Although you may think of beaches and backyards as prime settings for a summer event, there are many venues throughout New York City to host any type of gathering. Rooftop venues, tropical installations and bold color schemes are all elements you can utilize to transform your NYC summer event.

Check out our team’s tips on how to design the perfect summer event in New York City below!

Take Advantage of Rooftop Season

Armand de Brignac Cocktail Party- B Floral

One of our favorite things to do in New York City each summer? Visiting the best rooftop bars and restaurants the city has to offer! With gorgeous temperatures and stunning views of the skyline, it’s a must to check out the endless rooftop spots around the city. While planning a summer event, a rooftop venue is the perfect spot to entertain.

Rooftops are great for both private and corporate events— product launches, cocktail parties, networking events and more. Whether day or night, guests will love hanging outside and experiencing lovely weather. Floral arrangements in differing sizes and in a variety of colors will add a personalized feel to the venue. There’s no better way to make a statement than surrounding guests with blooms and city views.


Fill the Space with Tropical Installations

Belvedere Vodka Flower Wall- B Floral

Bring the feel of summer indoors with a tropical installation. An installation composed of tropical flowers, greenery and fruit will transport your guests to a summer locale without leaving NYC. A flower wall is a popular install that can be designed with a tropical twist. A design including palm leaves and exotic florals will become a focal point. You can also easily incorporate a logo or hashtag to add another branded element to your event. Guests will love posing in front of a personalized tropical wall and sharing photos on social media— making it easy to spread brand awareness.

Another way to infuse a tropical feel into an event is through an interactive installation. It’s important to make sure guests are engaged and interacting with one another and your brand if it’s a corporate event. A tropical installation can become a photo moment that captures the essence of your summer event, even if you’re miles away from the beach. Create a full and lush install and place chairs and couches in front, so guests can interact and engage with the space.  

Tropical Purple Photo Moment- B Floral

Stick to Bright & Bold Colors

Bar Arrangements In Bold Summer Hues- B Floral

Transform an indoor summer event by incorporating bright and bold hues throughout the space. Any element in a venue can include a touch of bright colors such as furniture, linens and of course floral arrangements and installations. Colors such as orange, yellow, pink and purple will elevate a plain and simple NYC venue.

When it comes to floral arrangements and installations, mix a variety of summer hues together for the ultimate summer statement pieces. Unique varieties such as protea, orchids and flamingo lilies will add a pop of summer to your event. The contrast of vibrant colors against white or brick surroundings will certainly make a statement and exude the feeling of summer.

Bold Summer Flower Arrangement- B Floral

Make sure to keep in mind the top design trends and tips of summer before you begin planning an upcoming event in the city. With the many rooftop bars and restaurants in NYC, there are endless ways to style an outdoor summer event. Through the use of tropical installations and bright and bold colors, you can combine your brand and personal aesthetic to throw a memorable summer event!


B Floral's Flower Secrets

Here at B Floral we focus on all aspects of event production. We are a small event design firm in New York City but have produced events all across the country, from San Diego out to Southampton. No event is too big or too small for our team who focuses on every single detail of the production. Read ahead to learn a few B Floral secrets that allow us to transform events for any client!

Arranging - B floral

Cutting Florals. When cutting flowers to put in an arrangement, you should cut them at a 45-degree angle with flower clippers. This increases the amount of exposed surface area, which allows the flowers to absorb more water. Follow this small step to ensure your arrangement will last longer.

Cutting Florals - B Floral

Seasonal Florals. Although flowers we work with are shipped to a local flower market each day, there are certain blooms that don’t grow all year round. Peonies are a crowd favorite, but many people don’t know that they're only available for a short period of time in the beginning of summer. Dahlias and hydrangea are stunning florals you can find in the fall. These are featured in many arrangements and also come in many colors and textures. Dahlias also come in many sizes! Roses and hydrangea are grown all year round and are frequently used. The availability and array of colors make these flowers a popular bloom in our studio.

Succulents. Succulents are a sturdy plant that will live for an extended period of time with minimal upkeep. They come in a few colors but make a statement with their unique look. Succulents also come in a variety of sizes! Some have diameters of only a few centimeters where as others can be a foot. We use succulents in arrangements, floral walls and table runners.

Colorful Succulent Tablescape - B Floral

Flower Walls. Flower walls are the latest trend in creating an Instagrammable moment at your event. While designing a floral wall, our team picks out the best flowers to fit your theme while also choosing varieties that are durable for the building process. Roses are one of the main flowers that are used to create a floral wall. They are strong and come in many colors, so you'll easily find roses in hues that match an event's color scheme.

B Floral - Neutrogena Wall

Modern Style Trend: A Monochromatic Theme For Your Next Event

Keep your next event simple and chic by incorporating a monochromatic color scheme. There are many pros to incorporating a monochromatic color scheme to your next event. Monochromatic can be defined as containing or using one color. Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue, extended into either lighter or darker shades and tones of that hue. 

This type of event theme gives off a strong sense of simplicity. The use of one color helps create a harmonic atmosphere, contrast against other elements in the room, and can make a memorable impression on guests. This decor style is also on the modern side and will give off minimalistic and chic vibes. 


In certain scenarios, the minimalistic, monochromatic style works well especially when showcasing a specific product! It sets a minimalistic scene, allowing for the content of the room to shine.

Typically, a product can be associated by color and incorporating a monochromatic theme would help. Also think about incorporating some sort of interactive installation to increase engagement at and after your party. If you want your product to stand out, you can select a contrasting color as the theme to really make it pop.


In curating a monochromatic event, your biggest tools are going to be the different shades, tones, and hues of the main color you choose. A good trick is to contrast the different hues, shades, and tones correctly. It is also much easier to decorate with one color, instead of having to match and coordinate different colors. 


You could also incorporate two different monochrome colors into your event instead of just one. For example, this table scape we created was based off of both pink and purple, and just different hues and tones of each color.


Monochromatic themed events will leave a lasting impression on your guests. If you want to associate a specific color to your company or campaign, a monochromatic styled event is perfect. Elevate your next event using this effortlessly chic and modern style!