How To: Keep it Green

An trend in events we’ve seen to be growing lately is going “green” and being mindful of sustainability. There are a ton of ways to be a little more environmentally friendly when hosting your next event. Some of our favorite ways involve the flowers of course! We love the idea of using potted herbs or plants (like hyacinth, amaryllis, and orchids) as a centerpiece and they can even then be taken home by your guests as favors.

Herb Centerpiece

Potted Hyacinth

Orchid Centerpiece

Potted Amaryllis

Succulents are also gaining popularity at events. Succulents are plants that retain water so they are well-suited for arid climates and dry conditions. What makes them great is they require so little care…no green thumb necessary for these!

Potted Succulents

Succulent Centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece


Succulent Wedding Cake

If you do use cut flowers, encourage your guests to take the flowers home so they can be enjoyed for a few more days.

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