No animals were harmed in this photo shoot…

Last Thursday we had another photo shoot filled with lots of flowers, food, music and some laughs. The flowers were shot by Colleen from Dyad photography who brought along her awesome assistant Candice. Candice introduced us to grooveshark which we quickly became obsessed with but loved even more when she started playing a junior high dance music playlist that she had made up (it was awesome). Heather from our design firm, Bad Feather, was also in attendance and definitely earned mvp of the shoot for her little trip to the stores to pick up some surprise guests (check the photos below to meet Rico and Sauve). We used the two fish for one of our arrangements but don’t worry Heather has taken them home with her as her new pets.

Unfortunately there are no new cupcakes or cakes to report about because we didn’t need them for any of the scenes and we are trying to be a little healthier. We were a little sugar deprived because we’re definitely used to having them around on shoot days but the Cinnabon and Vanilla Caramel coffee creamers helped a bit. The new photos will be up on our site shortly but in the meantime below are some behind the scenes actions and some sneak previews.

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