Three things…

Three things we are loving this week…

1. That Sprinkles announced they will be installing the first cupcake ATM that will be dispensing cupcakes 24/7! The first one is opening up in Beverly Hills on Friday but they plan on opening up some in New York City this summer. I seriously cannot wait.

(courtesy Sprinkles)

2. Soups. I don’t know what it is, maybe all the rainy dreary weather we have had the past few days, but I’m obsessing over soups right now. Winter is almost at and end so I’m going to try to fit in as many as I can. Any type fits the bill but the creamier the better. I’m currently in love with this loaded “baked potato” soup. Have some friends over for a soup party, everyone can bring their favorite and some recipe cards for it.

3. Edible gold spray paint. We are gold spray obsessed at B Floral and our obsession has just a grown a little more now that we discovered edible gold spray paint. What a way to jazz up your fruit bowl or some edible party favors like macarons that you’re handing out at your next event.


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