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The holidays are finally upon us and words cannot express how excited we are to decorate for the holiday season! The holidays call for some much needed TLC from our loved ones. During the holidays ambiance is everything. We’ve jotted down some of our most important decor tips for the season if you’re looking to host the most memorable holiday parties.

Decide whether you’re keeping it simple or going over-the-top. Once you’ve decided which décor route you want to go for this, then you can decide your color palette.

If you choose to go the “simpler” route, a monochromatic color theme works perfectly. For super festive vibes, choose holiday colors and tones like reds and greens.

Don’t be fooled, although a monochromatic color theme seems on the simpler side it will still leave your guests with a lasting impression. Also, don’t be shy and decorate with a non-seasonal color palette.

Elevate your holiday decor with a show-stopping table scape. There are so many different ways to go about this tip. One of our favorite table scape ideas is going for a deconstructed look. There are different ways for you to achieve this look. For the fall and autumn we like to think of creative ways to incorporate pumpkins and maple leaves into our décor. For the winter, we like to incorporate pinecones into décor!

Choose a color theme for your holiday party. When it comes to this one, two go-to choices are going monochrome or using deeper, bold colors to create a moodier setting.

Incorporate holiday elements and color scenes into your decor. Using these elements to dress up spaces like a fireplace


Tablescapes and centerpieces on dinner tables are not the only statement pieces you can make at your table. Plate settings are great statements when it comes to dinner parties. When it comes to table settings we like to think of dressing your table as if you were dressing yourself. You can either go with a traditional, clean-cut table setting or go funky with some fun dish-ware and cutlery.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.53.17 AM.png

Use setting treatments to add decor to your plate setting. Use a single stem flower or a mini bundle of 3-4 stems cut short, and tied together and place at each plate setting.

A unique decor tip is to incorporate other non-floral elements into your table scape like gourds, succulents, and fruits. Also don’t be scared to stray away from “traditional” holiday colors and go with a bold color palette. The use of non-autumnal colors like pops of pink and deep purples will surely make an impression on your guests at your holiday dinner.

Disney Princesses as B Floral Flower Palettes

At B Floral, we make our clients feel like royalty. There’s no better way to do that than remembering where the basics of jeweled crowns, noble steeds, and determined heroines come from: Disney Princesses. The Disney Princesses are a class of their own. They represent intelligence, bravery, curiosity, kindness, adventure, sass, and femininity. In honor of National Princess Day on November 18th, we decided to honor the Disney Princesses in our own, B Floral way. We turned them into flower palettes! Check them out below and see what fabulous florals were bestowed upon your favorite princess.

For Ariel, it seemed most fitting to use some pops of red and purple for her bright hair and clam shell bra. We tied in an echeveria succulent to represent her tail. We think Flounder would approve. #mermaidprincess

Aurora has a more classic feel to her. We used yellow and pink roses to display her delicate, rested soul.

Jasmine needed a palette that was going to match her feisty attitude. We went with blue hydrangeas and yellow roses to match her ensemble.

Rapunzel needed complementary colors of pink and cream for her design. We had to have something that would match ALL of that hair!

Belle means beauty, which in the flower industry translates to roses! We picked yellow roses to match her full gown and red roses to represent the iconic symbol of “Beauty and the Beast.” We also added some brown to represent her luscious locks.

Yellow roses and blue hydrangeas bring together the full Cinderella look. The glass vase that all these flowers rest in would clearly represent her famous slipper!

Merida needed some greenery and orange tulips to match her determined, rebel ways. Obviously her florals would be arranged inside of a bow and arrow set.

Green amaranthus and cream roses completed the look for Tiana. Her arrangement would need to be as full as her dress!

We used multiple elements for Pocahontas’ design. The use of yellow roses was the main part of her look, but we pulled picks from all over the flower spectrum to match the colors of the wind.

Mulan’s design would classify her as a combo queen. This particular palette brings honor to all of us here at B Floral.

Snow White’s look focused on yellow roses and blue hydrangeas to match the two main colors of her iconic dress. It’s a look that everyone recognizes so we made sure to represent it well.

With Elsa’s design, we focused on light, icy blues to represent her dress and a hint of white to match her icy hair. When she sees her floral design, she’ll want to do anything but let it go!

These princesses inspire us everyday to give our clients the royal treatment. To be a princess, you need to cultivate poise and elegance within yourself. You must move with a regal gait and never be at a loss for words. Although we don’t play an instrument like most Disney princesses, we believe we’re just as charming! The Disney Princesses are roses that are always in bloom, and they have taught us to act just as such!

October 2018 Events: Pose and Post!

As chilly temperatures began rolling in, our clients were gearing up to launch new products and promote their brands at a variety of events. To enhance these events, our team designed and executed unique photo moments and branded tablescapes. Each custom creation spoke to the client’s vision and we were excited to see each transformation unfold.

Continue on for a few of our favorite October events!

Change for Kids - Super Chefs

Change For Kids Vegetable Wall- B Floral

A wall filled with fresh vegetables created the perfect step and repeat backdrop at Change for Kids’ annual Super Chefs event on October 18th at The Altman Building.


East of Ellie - bareMinerals Dinner

Delicate white and green arrangements were placed throughout the center of long dining tables at a bareMinerals dinner produced by East of Ellie at Landmarc Tribeca on October 17th.


Bratskeir & Company - KISS Beauty Magnetic Lash Loft

KISS Beauty Balloon Installation- B Floral

A perfectly pink balloon installation turned a simple bed into the ultimate photo moment at KISS Beauty’s Magnetic Lash Loft produced by Bratskeir & Company at SIXTY LES on October 17th.


LaCroix Water - Head of the Charles Regatta Booth

A colorful photo moment and a bar with a nautical twist were featured as elements of LaCroix Water’s booth at the Head of the Charles Regatta October 20th-21st in Boston.


Nordstrom - Holiday Press Preview

Guests posed in front of a whimsical greenery arch with winter white and silver accents at Nordstrom’s Holiday Press Preview held at the Trunk Club on October 24th.


Manhattan Magazine - October Issue Launch Party

Manhattan Magazine’s 70s themed October issue launch party held at the BMW of Manhattan on October 11th featured a disco photo moment complete with a rotating disco ball.


5 2018 Event Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere

As 2018 draws to a close, our team has started to reflect on events from the past year and brainstorm event trends for the year ahead. It’s essential to offer the latest design ideas for clients, so brands trust that we’re a leader in a constantly evolving industry. Each year certain event trends come and go, but there are a few trends from 2018 that are here to stay.

Continue on for 5 event trends that will still be popular in 2019!

Balloon Installations

Balloon installations became extremely popular event elements this year. Arches, freestanding structures and life-sized creations using balloons were seen at a variety of events ranging from product launches to weddings. Since it’s so easy to play around with color, shape and size, each installation can be customized to fit the theme and scale of an event. Balloon installations ultimately make a huge statement and are perfect as photo moments.

KISS Balloon Installation- B Floral


Nothing will grab guests’ attention more than an interactive photo moment. Swings have popped up at events all year long, due in part to their “Instagrammable“ appeal. Turn a basic swing into a focal point of a space by incorporating flowers, greenery and other unique elements to take it to the next level. Brands have customized swing installations by adding logos or hashtags to spread brand awareness as guests post photos of the swing.

Floral Swinging Chair Installation- B Floral

Tropical Flower Walls

Transport guests to the tropics by featuring a tropical flower wall at an upcoming event. This trend was seen throughout 2018 and will certainly remain a staple because it creates a unique environment for guests to take and share photos. Many brands who unveiled tropical themed products or hosted summer gatherings included flower walls comprised of palm leaves, exotic flowers and fruit to evoke the vibe of the event.

Ketel One Botanical Wall- B Floral

Immersive Experiences

Throughout the year, brands began to focus on creating experiences where guests were completely immersed and engaged in heavily stylized environments. Once a theme is chosen, event designers have the task of creating key elements such as installations and activations to envelop guests within the experience. For example, creating a disco room photo moment for a 70s themed event to express the theme interactively. With so much social engagement coming along with immersive events, there’s no stopping this trend anytime soon.


Branded Carts

Consumer brands often engage in field marketing, and a popular way to display products in a potentially chaotic and crowded environment is with a branded cart. A cart is effective not only because it’s easily portable, but provides great exposure at multiple events, making it a cost efficient tool. Elevated carts adorned with flowers, greenery and décor will turn a cart into a photo moment, enticing guests to snap pictures and post on social media. Look for branded carts at conventions and areas with heavy foot traffic across the country in 2019.


Some trends don’t quickly go out of style and this is true within the events industry, even though event creatives are always looking for the next big thing to deliver to clients. In 2018, there were many trends that we’re excited to see go, but certain trends such as balloon installations and immersive events made such an impact amongst clients and guests that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Our team is looking forward to seeing trends both old and new in 2019!


DIY: Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

Halloween is right around the corner and fall is in full swing! We’ve thought of many different and creative ways to incorporate fall’s festivities into decor. As a centerpiece or as porch decor, succulent pumpkins are a more modern and unique way of decorating in the fall.

Succulent Pumpkin - B Floral NYC

With little materials needed, this is a simple and quick DIY project that’ll help add some autumn character to your space. Succulent pumpkins are a fun and unique alternative to your typical Halloween “carved pumpkin”. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can even decorate the top of your carved pumpkin with succulents!

Our designers gave us a step-by-step guide on how to create a modern, unique succulent pumpkin centerpiece; perfect for autumn decor.

Some things you’re going to need are:

The key to achieving this centerpiece is to make the pumpkin seem like it’s an actual vase and the succulents would look like it’s overflowing out of it.

Step 1: Wipe down/clean your pumpkin with a damp paper towel or washcloth.

Step 2: If you’re going for a more colorful look, spray paint your succulents in whatever colors you chose to go with, and let them dry. We decided to go with our signature ‘B Floral Pink’.

DIY Succulent Pumpkin - B Floral

Step 3: Apply hot glue or flower adhesive over the top of the pumpkin where you’ll be laying down the moss.

Step 4: Add about 0.5 inch thick of moss to the top of pumpkin.

Step 5: Grab your variety of different succulents and map out where you’d like them to lay on top of the moss covered pumpkin.

Step 6: Use your glue gun or flower adhesive to attach the bottom of the succulents to the moss.

Since you’ve already laid out where you want your succulents to lay on top of your pumpkin, carefully pick up each piece and apply adhesive to the bottom of the succulent.

Then gently place back down where you originally placed it. Do this with all of the succulents you chose to lay on top of your pumpkin.

DIY Succulent Pumpkin - B Floral