July 2018 Events: Making a Splash in NYC & the Hamptons

Summer is in full swing, along with a variety of events taking place in NYC and the Hamptons. Press previews, influencer events and baby showers were only a few of the wide variety of events B Floral worked on in July. Whether transforming rooftop venues or blank spaces, we were sure to bring each client's vision to life.

Check out a few of our top July events below!

OneNine Design - Fabletics Press Preview

A customized greenery wall and pastel florals were featured at a Fabletics press preview produced by OneNine Design held at The Glasshouses on July 12th.

Fabletics Press Preview Lounge Arrangement- B Floral

Jordanah - Christian Siriano x Transitions Lenses Launch

Rooftop views and bright arrangements complemented the new sunglass styles at the Christian Siriano x Transitions Lenses collection launch produced by Jordanah held at The Curated NYC on July 10th.


NBCUniversal - Morning at the Met

Greenery table runners filled with florals and succulents completed the tablescapes at the NBCUniversal produced Morning at the Met event on July 19th at Tavern on the Green.

NBCUniversal Morning at the Met Tablescape- B Floral

Ticket2Events- East End Taste Interactive Influencer Brunch

B Floral fresh floral accessories were on display at East End Taste's Hamptons Interactive Influencer Brunch produced by Ticket2Events on July 21st at the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, NY.


Private Client- Baby Shower

Arrangements filled with delicate peach florals and a variety of greenery lined the table at an intimate baby shower at the Gramercy Park Hotel on July 15th.


8 Sweet Spots You Must Visit in Manhattan

New York City has no shortage of dessert options, but we managed to compose a list of our favorite “sweet spots” in the city. Here are 8 places that you absolutely must try!

1. Spot Dessert Bar

If you’ve spent the better half of your night bar hopping on the Lower East Side, you may want your last destination to be Spot - a dessert bar. This late-night hotspot offers exciting desserts that are a step beyond the ordinary. Visually appealing with the deliciousness to back it up, one of our favorites orders at this bar is the Milky Puff.

There’s also a Spot location in Korea Town, as well as Flushing.

Spot Dessert Bar - B Floral

2. Petee’s Pie Company

Pies are being made from scratch every day at Petee’s Pie Company on the Lower East Side. They strive to make the best pies in New York, and we believe they’re succeeding. We highly suggest grabbing a slice of sour cherry the next time you find yourself downtown and craving a sugar rush. If you're in Brooklyn, you're also in luck. They have a location on Myrtle Ave!

Petee's Pie Company - B Floral

3. Two Little Red Hens

If you’ve been on the quest to find a cupcake with the perfect amount of frosting, you must try out Two Little Red Hens. Located on the Upper East Side, this bakery is a game changer when it comes to cupcakes. Our personal favorite cupcakes are the marble and the simple yellow with vanilla buttercream frosting. You won’t be disappointed by these perfectly sized and decadent treats.

Two Little Red Hens Cupcake - B Floral

4. DO, Cookie Dough Confections

You may already eat raw cookie dough on a regular basis (we don’t judge), but now you don’t have to feel bad about it! You probably have already heard about , located in Greenwich Village, and we’re here to confirm that it absolutely lives up to the hype. The cookie dough is completely safe to eat and positively delicious. One of our favorite flavors is Confetti, but we recommend doing some sampling before making your final decision- there are lots to choose from!

DŌ Cookie Dough - B Floral

5. Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Blueberry Laminated Brioche and a lemon macaroon is a suitable breakfast right? We think so. Dominique Ansel Kitchen (located in the West Village) has perfected the art of dessert, and breakfasts that tastes like dessert. Their abilities and attention to detail can only be described as excellent.  

Dominique Ansel Kitchen - B Floral

6. Sweet Corner Bake Shop

Sweet Corner Bake Shop is one of the West Village’s dessert treasures, and their Red Velvet Nutella Bomb cookie is practically life changing. With red velvet on the outside, and warm Nutella oozing from the inside, your perception of cookies will forever be altered.

Sweet Corner Bakeshop - B Floral

7. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is known for its banana pudding, but that doesn’t mean their adorable and yummy cupcakes should be ignored. There are six different location in Manhattan, with the original in the West Village. The original location is the home to a popular Sex and the City scene from the show’s third season. There are also locations in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and many more worldwide!

Magnolia Bakery - B Floral

8. The Skylark

If you’re looking for the best Frosé in town, look no further than The Skylark. In addition to fantastic drinks, you can expect spectacular views and mouth-watering small bites. We recommend booking a reservation in advance to secure a rooftop booth, but you can definitely just show up after work for spontaneous happy hour fun.


We know this isn't really dessert, but it's too good to not be included. And they put flowers in your Frosé! 

The Skylark Frosé - B Floral

We hope that our recommendations make your trips around the city a little bit sweeter.

4 Activation Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Next Event

Launch a product by including a memorable experience that guests are sure to remember. Event activations are inviting and interactive ways to showcase a new product while creatively engaging with guests. A personalized experience will leave a lasting impression and separate a brand from its competitors. From bouquet bars to photo booths, incorporate an activation that aligns with your brand, your product and your message.

Check out 4 event activation ideas to include at an upcoming event below! 

Flower Arranging Class

Flower Arranging Class Set Up- B Floral

A flower arranging class is a hands-on activity allowing guests to engage with one another and a brand. If you’re looking for a way to interact with guests, a flower arranging class is the perfect opportunity to entertain while also providing a space to discuss your brand or a new product.

While setting up the class, choose flowers and vases in a brand’s signature color(s) to add a cohesive feel to the event. Expert instructors will oversee the class as guests arrange the flowers themselves. It’s a creative yet informal activity that guests of any age or industry will enjoy. Attendees who take the arrangements home will have a lasting reminder of your event and brand.


Make Your Own Bouquet Bar

Bouquet Bar Close-UP- B Floral

A fresh floral bouquet bar is not only an interactive activation, but can complement other aspects of an event to heighten the experience. You can choose to “brand” the bar with florals in hues aligning with a company's branding. The wrapping paper and ribbon used to tie the bouquet together can include a logo or event hashtag.

Stock the bouquet bar with a variety of flower types so guests have enough choices to create a custom bouquet to fit their style. For a seamless event, staff the bar with expert designers who will style the flowers attendees choose. After guests bring the flowers home, they’ll associate the bouquet with your event for days to come.


Photo Booth Installation


In 2018, due to the constant presence of social media, it’s essential that any successful event feature a photo moment to engage guests. Including an element such as a photo booth allows guests time to interact with one another while spreading brand awareness through sharing images on social media. With this in mind, a standout photo booth backdrop is important in drawing guests to the booth.

If you want to make an impact with a backdrop, fresh flowers and greenery will capture attendees’ attention. To further incorporate branding into the space, attach a logo to the backdrop, so your brand will be featured in each image guests take home and share via social media.


Branded Cart

Ketel One Botanical Floral Cart- B Floral

Highlight your brand and product at a variety of events by using a branded cart. Portable and customizable — a cart will afford you the flexibility to bring an experience to multiple locations without incurring extra costs over time. Whether you’re showcasing your brand at a music festival, pop-up shop or convention, an elevated cart will help your brand stick out from the rest.  

To enhance a cart, adorn it with flowers, greenery and fruits to reflect your brand and product. The cart will easily display products in an out-of-the-box way, which will entice and encourage attendees to learn more. If you’re representing a liquor or food brand, the cart is the perfect vehicle to hand out free samples and receive valuable feedback on your product.


Event activations will turn a simplistic product launch or press event into an interactive experience. Hands-on activations such as flower arranging classes and make your own bouquet bars will entertain guests and set your event apart from those hosted by competitors. Brand awareness is so important in a cluttered market, so the ability to share event images via social media is key. Let your brand shine by including a memorable activation at an upcoming event!


Employee Spotlight: Jess Cusick - Director of Design

Meet Jess Cusick

B Floral’s beloved Director of Design, Jess, is responsible for overseeing the design team, brainstorming design ideas within a brand’s budget and conceptualizing what the finished product will look like. Jess has been with B Floral for a bit over two years, but had been freelancing for us for a year and a half prior. Our company has been growing rapidly, and Jess now has eight other designers to manage along with a group of freelancers.

Jess Design Director - B Floral

Jess is one of the lucky ones who fell into her passion, and had a natural knack for it. While growing up in Forked River, New Jersey, her mom encouraged her to get a job at the local flower shop at age 15. She was resistant at first, but eventually caved into her mother’s wishes.

She started out by sweeping the floors, and over time was permitted more privileges. Her manager continued training her over the years, and eventually she realized she has a knack for floral design. One of the first things she was able to create was a corsage for a high school prom.

Fast forward to 2018, we decided to sit down with Jess Cusick and ask her some more questions about her life here as a designer:

What is a typical day like for you at B Floral?

There isn’t really a typical day here, which is what I love. Things are always changing and we’re always growing. We could be slow one day, and then get a call for a huge event that starts in a week. It keeps me on my toes, which is great.
Setting Up Decor - B Floral

What is your favorite part about working at B Floral?

We have a great team of people. Whatever task gets thrown our way, even if it’s difficult, we figure it out together. It also feels good that we have grown so much in the past couple of years, due to consistently making customers happy.

Who do you look to for advice when it’s needed?

 A lot of my friends are designers, as well as my fiancé. He also works with flowers. I can also look to anyone here at B Floral, since there’s a variety of talent.
Jess And Fiance - B Floral

What is the most difficult part about your job?

Being in a director and management position makes it impossible to avoid obstacles you haven’t faced before. You have to learn how different people prefer to communicate. Since each event is different from the last, we constantly have to adapt and evolve. It’s exciting, and one of my favorites aspects of the job. But it can be difficult, and adds an extra layer of pressure.

What are your favorite types of projects to work on? Are there any specific ones that stand out?

I love complete transformations of a space. Taking an empty and bare space, and creating something amazing. The Belvedere Vodka Single Rye Series event was a great transformation.
Belvedere Green Wall - B Floral
Belvedere Event Design - B Floral
Green Light Event Design - B Floral

B Floral is grateful to have a dedicated, talented and experienced Director of Design like Jess!


Must-Haves At Your Next Summer Get-Together

Nothing says summer like a great party! So why not go all out for your next summer bash, making it the most memorable experience of the summer. From some out-of-the-box decor ideas to cute and decorative pool floaties, make your next get-together one your guests will never forget. 

1.     An Over The Top Tablescape

B Floral Overflowing Tablescape

Catch your guests attention at your next get-together or BBQ by putting together a picture perfect tablescape. You can either go super simple and chic or do something over the top and extravagant!

Go simple and chic by incorporating a monochrome style for your tablescape or party. Monochrome meaning having to relate to one color or different hues and shades derived from one color.

To achieve an extravagant table scape one option to consider is doing an overflowing tablescape.

You can also choose to incorporate a colorful table setting. This is easy to achieve as you can just purchase some colorful succulents and or plain succulents that you can repot into some fun, colorful pots. 

Whatever option you choose, you’re bound to set the mood at your party, as well as, wow your guests at the same time!

2.    Refreshments & Desserts

Metnick_140605_3828 copy.jpg

Refreshments are a MUST at your next party. A refreshing, new vodka suggestion to add to your list is Ketel One’s Botanical flavors. These three new flavors make for the PERFECT summer cocktail; Peach & Orange Blossom, Cucumber & Mint, and Grapefruit & Rose. These new flavors are also carb free so guests can enjoy their cocktails, guilt-free!

A cupcake tower is the perfect party dessert to satisfy your guest's sweet tooth. Cupcakes are easier to "grab-and-go" and eliminate the hassle of cutting a cake piece by piece and serving. Also, cupcake towers can be added for aesthetics!


3. Pool Décor

B Floral Floral Pool Decor
B Floral Pool Float

Pool décor can help elevate your party. There are simple ways to spruce up your pool for your next get-together.

You can cut the stems off some nice flowers and fill your pool with some floating flowers, and maybe even throw in some candles to create a more intimate atmosphere for a nighttime party.

Another fun way to fill your pool space are with some fun floaties!

4. Table Numbers/Names

B Floral Colorful Table Scape
All White B Floral Table Name

If you’re having a bigger party, more formal party, seating arrangements are a MUST. This way you can better socially organize your guests.

5. Out-Of-The-Box Decor

B Floral Hanging Flower Installation
B Floral Balloon Arch

Wow your guests with your party décor! Out of the box décor will also make for the perfect “Insta-Worthy” party, having it last well after the party’s end time.

Consider having a memorable photo moment at your party! Giving your guests the perfect opportunity for a photo-op maximizes the chances of them posting during and after your event.