NYC Flower Market's Best - Dutch Flower Line

 NYC Flower Market's Best - Dutch Flower Line

Celebrating 30 years of flower perfection, Dutch Flower Line is the go-to for all things floral. B Floral swears by DFL's novelty varieties and boutique elements, and we are proud to call them our primary floral vendor. We got the chance to have a quick chat with Chris, this is the guy you'll want to talk to, in between his running around with orders and customer questions. The guy is impressive to watch navigate his shop - he's incredibly friendly and keeps a calm demeanor in such a demanding, fast-paced environment.

Chris's favorite flower? We didn't get a straight answer, but he did say he feels obligated to say the peony (because he has a peony tattoo) - particularly coral charm as the colors vary nicely when in bloom. We asked for the most popular flower he sees come in and out of the shop, but that really depends on the season. Flowers cross over hemispheres often, because their summer is our winter and vice versa. And as expected, fall jewel tones is Chris's favorite floral color scheme - ours too, Chris, ours too. 

"People come to us for exotic flowers that you can't find anywhere else." - Chris

It's true. The flowers are niche items. I have seen roses in there so exotic I couldn't believe I was looking at a flower, let alone a rose. It's really incredible. We definitely recommend checking out Dutch Flower Line, guaranteed you'll fall in love with selection. 

For more information, or just need a daily dose of floral inspiration, check out DFL's Instagram feed!