Summer Color Inspiration and Trends 2015

This summer's color palette is all about unexpected, contrasting colors. A departure from spring's poppy pastels, this summer's shades alternate between bold and earthy. Muted corals, rusty coppers, and mustard yellows mix with bright emeralds and vivid shades of turquoise and cerulean to give off a vintage, exotic vibe.

Here at B Floral, we always love an unexpected contrast or a bright pop of color. Check out our arrangements below for some summer color inspiration that combines both vivid and natural tones. 

Fluffy flowers like these allow for lots of shade variations - while the arrangement looks fairly pastel-toned at first glance, there are actually a lot of bold undertones. The bright emerald of the leaves and the cherry red at the center of the flowers are great bits of contrast to the rusty golden hues. 

The anemones in this arrangement add the perfect amount of contrast and darkness. The greens, pinks, and yellows are all bright and reminiscent of spring, but the dark centers of the anemones give the arrangement a late-summer feel.

ale colors pair well with the deep maroons and rusty browns in this arrangement. The stark contrast between delicate and strong hues help this assortment of flowers to work well together.