How to Accent Your Home Office with Flowers

A home office can be easily overlooked when trying to plan and design other focused rooms, like bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. However the functionality of a home office is imperative. This living space is where you'll be doing work, and it's crucial you have this room as a means of motivation and inspiration. Floral arrangements lend a helping hand in the creative as an energizing and lively accent to your home office. 

Paint + Flower Color

Getting creative with color coordination for paint and flower color will elevate your space. Focus on motivating and energetic colors, like yellows and brights. Try to avoid colors that would overwhelm or distract (like orange, which makes you hungry!) and cool hues that are too calming for a work space.

Texture + Pattern Play

Thinking of arrangements as accents to accentuate, think texture. Richness of shape and a full, tight arrangement can elevate the space in a way that plays off of other patterns/shapes in the room, like wallpaper or furniture.


A subtle balance of masculine and feminine elements will seriously tie the room together. Along with finding balance in a general sense to keep the room appealing, incorporating color in your florals that compliment wall art is a meticulous detail that doesn't go unnoticed!

Make It Personal

A warm and inviting home office will keep the creative energy flowing, more so when you have items and decoration surrounding you of things that make you happiest. It's important to remain inspired. Display photos of family and friends, embellishments, sport staples, and artwork.


Creating a line to draw the eye across the room is essential for expanding your space. Repetition is a fundamental detail in interior design that lends a rhythm in a room, allowing the eye to wander. This can be achieved through floral arrangements in vases of varying heights. Think in three's! 

Think Out of the Box (or vase, rather)

Including natural elements, like berries, succulents, and branches, keeps the arrangement fun and unique. This also helps the arrangement last a bit longer than having a full-floral arrangement. Swap out a few stems, while the same vases remain, and your space will always look fresh and new. 

If you're thinking of elevating your own office space, B Floral's new Floral Interior Design service can help bring your vision to life.