Throwback Thursday: B Floral's Thanksgiving at Home

Thanksgiving is the time of year that kicks off the holiday spirit, bringing together family, friends, and loved ones. At B Floral, we love to show a little extra love to our Thanksgiving displays and tables - we're suckers for a great tablescape! Whether that be with florals or decor, china or a beautifully crafted meal, we're so excited to share with you our holiday at home.

Owner and lead designer, Bronwen Smith, spends her Thanksgiving holiday along the sunny shores of Palm Beach, staying at the Breakers with family. She always brings back a little inspiration, taking from the design and décor of the beautiful hotel, to motivate us here in the office! 

The B Floral team snapped photos of their Thanksgiving displays as well! From all over the country, we pride ourselves on togetherness and a meticulous eye to detail. Happy Holidays!