Your Guide to Event Gifting

Regardless of the size, theme, or occasion, guest gifting is always a crucial component of an event. Gifting is not only a thoughtful gesture, but a way to leave a lasting impression on guests and build anticipation for your next gathering.

It’s important that your gift embodies the theme of the event as well as the identity and personality of the hosts or brands. Keeping all of this in mind, we here at B Floral compiled key tips to ensure a memorable event.


Fit Within the Event’s Style & Theme

When it comes to events, theme is key, which translates into the importance of cohesiveness between an event’s theme and its gifts. Colors and patterns found throughout your event should be highlighted in the gifts you choose.

Most importantly you must consider the theme of your event to make a long-lasting impact. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised by how many random gifts we’ve received over the years; coffee mug at a summer pool party?

We here at B Floral recently held a festival-inspired Media Event, which included amazing florals, boho chic décor, and plenty of pink and teal throughout. When brainstorming gift bag items, we immediately thought of colorful mini cacti and succulents to fit the desert festival theme.

As the event approached, we decided to paint the terracotta pots pink to match our company logo and the event’s color scheme. We received a great deal of positive feedback as guests picked up their tiny, long lasting (& adorable) plants.


Tie the Entire Event Together

We believe that event gifting should be purposeful and speak to the theme or potential goal of an event. Product launches and press previews are perfect opportunities to pull elements from different components of the event and gift something that speaks to the product and brand.

We worked with the amazing Henri Bendel on their Spring/Summer 2016 Press Preview at their flagship store in Manhattan. The store was introducing new handbags as well as a branded vase with their signature brown and white stripes.

As a parting gift to editors and bloggers, Henri Bendel gifted gorgeous tropical arrangements that we provided within their branded vase. We made sure to align the arrangement with both the branding of the vase and the spring and summer feel of the event.


Switch Up the Order

A gift doesn’t always have to be given out at the end of an event. Make sure to take into consideration all of the elements of your gathering and decide from there.

Props and items of clothing or accessories can be distributed at the beginning or throughout an event to reinforce the theme and atmosphere. 

One of our favorite and fashionable gifts are flower crowns! A fresh accessory can be an ideal gift for a bridal shower, garden party, or a charity event such as OCRFA's Super Saturday NY. Flower crowns are perfect gifts to be passed out as guests arrive to set the tone for the festivities to come.

If you want to make your gift interactive, create a flower crown station where guests can personalize a crown with their favorite colors and flowers. In our past experience, guests have approached the station at varying points of time, helping the flow and structure of the event. With items like flower crowns, gifting becomes an experience rather than a post-event afterthought.

 B Floral, Thomas McGoven Photography