B Floral's Winter Wonderland Media Event with Lilliana Vazquez and Sutton Foster

Each year B Floral hosts at least one media event inviting New York City's best media outlets, fashion editors, bloggers, and influencers to showcase our creative designs, innovative installations and activations. Most recently was our Winter Wonderland media event, hosted by owner and lead designer Bronwen Smith and The Today Show's Lilliana Vazquez, with a guest appearance from Sutton Foster. The B Floral design team created several installations to make for the perfect photo op, like a flower wall to compliment a Bosco GIF booth, a floral fire pit to accompany a s'mores bar, and a floral champagne tree that sat on a "Bubbly Bar." We also included an incredible ice sculpture to hold flowers, a faux fireplace with hanging floral garlands, and a grand floral walkway as a focal point for the room. 

B Floral achieved a higher level of event design, encompassing a theme and introducing new design innovations while maintaining a strong brand identity. As B Floral expands, our continual efforts for consistent growth, dedicated event management, and brand centric approach lends exceptional services in full-event design and production.