How to Improve Your Backyard Space with Flowers for an End of Summer Event

Adding floral elements to your backyard will liven up your outdoor space and create a more welcoming ambiance for your guests. From bud vases to simple arrangements and even bigger installations, you can elevate your backyard space with the addition of plants and florals.

As August rolls in, florals in brighter hues will still be around for the next month or two and it's the time to show them off! A go-to summer look is to incorporate colors such as fuchsia and orange. Definitely take advantage of these bold hues while you still can. Check out a few of our favorite backyard tips below!

A simple and creative way to add décor to the table is to add clusters of small vases or bud vases throughout the center of your outdoor dining table. You can use the same arrangement multiple times or change up the styles, sizes and florals used to add a unique touch.

The use of certain colors can highlight a theme or a holiday that you're celebrating. These arrangements can be used to create a table runner or just spread out sporadically to tie together your theme.  

Take your arrangement to the next level by incorporating bright fruits and vegetables!  This non-floral element can add extra color and texture to your outdoor tablescape.

Watermelons, pineapples and cantaloupes can even be used as a vase for your arrangement! Mixing in florals with fruits and vegetables is a perfect way to bring flowers into a backyard BBQ or dinner party. These arrangements are the perfect wow-factor which will invite your guests as they arrive.

Incorporate big plants to keep the floral fun around all throughout the season. Adding plants around your pool can elevate a simple space and give it a new feel.

Certain plants such as mini palm trees are long lasting and need minimal upkeep! With regular watering, they're not only easy to maintain but can transform your entire backyard. Choose a wide array of plants ranging from tropical varieties to even fruit trees. 

  How to Improve Your Backyard Space with Flowers for an End of Summer Event

The addition of premium flowers and plants to your yard sets it apart from the average space. You can use sophisticated arrangements or planters with gorgeous flowers. Unique elements are always a great way to create a statement piece. Use what you have and get creative, guests will certainly be impressed by your blooms!