4 Ways to Make Your Event 'Instagrammable'

Over the past several years, social media content has strongly trended towards people posting photos of themselves on their accounts rather than photos of places and things. The best thing you can do is unite the desire for “selfie” content and your own need for brand promotion by strategically using event design and installations at your next branded event. If you plan on inviting social media influencers to your event, the best way to maximize the chances of them posting about the event is to give them the best photo-op possible. All the event design ideas we will share with you in this post will act as irresistible portrait opportunities, while also promoting your brand in an eye-catching, memorable way.

1. Step and Repeat

A step and repeat is a large banner used at events with the logo(s) of the host and/or sponsor companies repeatedly printed across the entire banner. The purpose is for event attendees to pose in front of the banner and have their photo taken. A very standard step and repeat creates digital content that is good for press purposes, but does not entice people to post the photos on their social media accounts. This can easily be changed by adding elements to the step and repeat that make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Pineapple Print Step and Repeat -B Floral

For our Summer 2016 media event, we interchanged a repeated logo print on our step and repeat for a seasonal pineapple print and placed one large version of our logo in the top right corner. We accentuated the step and repeat with hanging, tropical florals that complimented the pineapple print perfectly.

GBK NYFW Gifting Lounge Step and Repeat -B Floral

When we designed GBK Productions' NYFW gifting lounge, we flanked a simple step and repeat with large vases filled with flowers. Incorporating florals into your step and repeat with hues that match your logo/brand will help to create a stronger brand presentation for your step and repeat.

2. Floral Walls

While step and repeats are a great photo-op and more economical to create, floral walls are one of the biggest trends in event design and create the most impactful, branded photo moment. Floral walls are free-standing, temporary walls typically made with a wooden frame. The standard make up for a floral wall is a flat layer of moss as the base that is then decorated with flowers and plants. While moss is most commonly used, a variety of bases can be used based on the aesthetic of the brand. The most important part of a floral wall is that the name or logo of the brand is creatively incorporated into the design.

Tinder Event Floral Wall -B Floral

When designing a wall for a Tinder branding event, we started off with a moss base and created circular panels of varying sizes, filled with flowers in Tinder’s signature color palette. The wall was eye-catching and unique and created the perfect photo moment for attendees. Because Tinder’s logo was incorporated into the wall, anyone who posted a photo in front of the wall was indirectly giving the brand press.

Winter Media Event Floral Wall -B Floral

For B Floral’s Winter 2017 media event, we created a small wall with a base of birch branches and florals draped diagonally across. We flanked the sides of the wall with “snow” covered pine trees to make the wall even more seasonally appropriate.

3. Booth Installation

Booth installations typically resemble staged living rooms. There is typically wall décor (that may or may not incorporate the name or logo of the brand), seating areas and product tables/shelving. If properly arranged, the booth can act as a great photo moment. A key way to make a booth installation Instagram worthy is by creating an aesthetically beautiful seating area for attendees to pose in while sitting down. You can brand this photo moment many ways –by having wall décor incorporating your logo/brand name placed directly behind or next to the seating area, using branded pillows, placing the brand’s product right next to/behind the seating area, having the color scheme of the booth décor match the brand, etc.

Booth Activation Saje Wellness -B Floral

When working with Saje Natural Wellness, we took the clean, green and natural aesthetic of the brand and incorporated it into a beautiful booth installation that perfectly communicated the brand’s aesthetic. We used wooden crates and lots of greenery to provide a natural element to the booth. We placed a contemporary seating area in the foreground of unique background that incorporated the Saje logo to create the perfect branded photo moment for attendees.

4. Floral Accessories Activation

The flower crown trend is still alive and well! B Floral takes this trend to the next level with our line of fresh, floral accessories that extends to headbands, tiaras, bracelets/cuffs, rings and more. We offer a table of our floral accessories to hand out to attendees as an event activation that will be sure to make your brand/event memorable and shared abundantly on social media. This event activation is Instagram gold as so many people will want to capture photos of themselves and their friends wearing these unique, incredibly detailed accessories that are hand-crafted by our design team. Because each accessory is custom-made, we can prepare an assortment for your event that strategically ties in the colors and aesthetics of your brand.

Fresh Floral Accessories Table -B Floral

Remember that even if some of the photos posted of event attendees posing in your event activations don’t perfectly display your logo/brand name/product, many people will tag your brand or mention you in the caption. This is still great press! 

As an event design company that specializes in branding, B Floral is constantly incorporating these elements into our clients’ events. Check out our Instagram @bfloralnyc for even more inspiration and examples of how to create an Instagrammable event.