B Floral's Winter Wonderland Media Event with Lilliana Vazquez and Sutton Foster

Each year B Floral hosts at least one media event inviting New York City's best media outlets, fashion editors, bloggers, and influencers to showcase our creative designs, innovative installations and activations. Most recently was our Winter Wonderland media event, hosted by owner and lead designer Bronwen Smith and The Today Show's Lilliana Vazquez, with a guest appearance from Sutton Foster. The B Floral design team created several installations to make for the perfect photo op, like a flower wall to compliment a Bosco GIF booth, a floral fire pit to accompany a s'mores bar, and a floral champagne tree that sat on a "Bubbly Bar." We also included an incredible ice sculpture to hold flowers, a faux fireplace with hanging floral garlands, and a grand floral walkway as a focal point for the room. 

B Floral achieved a higher level of event design, encompassing a theme and introducing new design innovations while maintaining a strong brand identity. As B Floral expands, our continual efforts for consistent growth, dedicated event management, and brand centric approach lends exceptional services in full-event design and production. 

How to Accent Your Home Office with Flowers

A home office can be easily overlooked when trying to plan and design other focused rooms, like bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. However the functionality of a home office is imperative. This living space is where you'll be doing work, and it's crucial you have this room as a means of motivation and inspiration. Floral arrangements lend a helping hand in the creative as an energizing and lively accent to your home office. 

Paint + Flower Color

Getting creative with color coordination for paint and flower color will elevate your space. Focus on motivating and energetic colors, like yellows and brights. Try to avoid colors that would overwhelm or distract (like orange, which makes you hungry!) and cool hues that are too calming for a work space.

Texture + Pattern Play

Thinking of arrangements as accents to accentuate, think texture. Richness of shape and a full, tight arrangement can elevate the space in a way that plays off of other patterns/shapes in the room, like wallpaper or furniture.


A subtle balance of masculine and feminine elements will seriously tie the room together. Along with finding balance in a general sense to keep the room appealing, incorporating color in your florals that compliment wall art is a meticulous detail that doesn't go unnoticed!

Make It Personal

A warm and inviting home office will keep the creative energy flowing, more so when you have items and decoration surrounding you of things that make you happiest. It's important to remain inspired. Display photos of family and friends, embellishments, sport staples, and artwork.


Creating a line to draw the eye across the room is essential for expanding your space. Repetition is a fundamental detail in interior design that lends a rhythm in a room, allowing the eye to wander. This can be achieved through floral arrangements in vases of varying heights. Think in three's! 

Think Out of the Box (or vase, rather)

Including natural elements, like berries, succulents, and branches, keeps the arrangement fun and unique. This also helps the arrangement last a bit longer than having a full-floral arrangement. Swap out a few stems, while the same vases remain, and your space will always look fresh and new. 

If you're thinking of elevating your own office space, B Floral's new Floral Interior Design service can help bring your vision to life.

B Floral's Year in Review: 2016

We are incredibly humbled to have had the opportunity to expand not only our team, but our clientele and events this past year! We'd love to share some of our highlighted events from 2016, and we can't wait to see what's ahead for 2017.



Change For Kids, Super Chefs

Tory Sport


B Floral's Coachella Media Event

OCRFA Super Saturday (LA)

OCRFA Super Saturday (NY)

Essence Beauty Awards

Henri Bendel

B Floral Team's New Year Resolutions for 2017

With every new year, it is important to reflect the previous. 2016 was a year full of lessons and a time of acceptance, a year we can confidently say we've learned. We've experienced new places, new friendships, budding endeavors, growth through loss, humbled triumphs, changes in perspective, and ultimately we've experienced enough love and support from friends and family to bring us into the new year. 

2016 was a transformation year, with so much changing around us personally and professionally. The B Floral team has grown tremendously and we are looking forward to what's ahead! We anticipate 2017 to be a year of results. And that starts with our goals! The B Floral team wants to share at least one goal with you to inspire and encourage your 2017 new year:

Bronwen, Owner and Lead Designer: "Pursue the dreams that challenge me the most."

Jim, COO: "Read two books per month."

Jennifer, Director of Sales and Events: "Take one dance class per month. Read one book per month. Drink more water!"

Claudia, Associate Director of Marketing: "Be more 'present.' I'd love to cook more, and stress less."

Jorie, Events Manager: "Make the gym part of my daily routine!"

Elyssa, Account Executive: "Focus more on personal growth and happiness."

Melissa, Sales and Events Coordinator: "Visit at three new cities in the U.S!"

Bridget, Public Relations and Marketing Assistant: "Maintain a healthier lifestyle, exercising and eating right."

Cassandra, Social Media and Marketing Assistant: "Being more aware of time and company; no phone at dinners, stop snoozing, wake up earlier!"

Celia, Executive Assistant: "I want to learn to cook!"

Aly, Marketing and Events Assistant: "Be more conscious of using my phone around others, and visit two new countries and two new cities."

Breanna, Business Development Assistant: "I want to be more organized at home."

Jess, Design Manager: "Save and buy a house end of 2017 or beginning of 2018!"

Amelia, Sales and Events Assistant: "Budget better, have a more positive attitude and healthier lifestyle, and read more!"

Ashley, Office Manager: "Commit to a track and field club."

Katy, Account Executive: "Move to NYC!"

Maggie, Design Assistant: "Eat healthy (cut down on junk food), say yes- take advantage of being young with few responsibilities, exercise, walk more."

Happy 2017 from our office to you! 


Throwback Thursday: B Floral's Thanksgiving at Home

Thanksgiving is the time of year that kicks off the holiday spirit, bringing together family, friends, and loved ones. At B Floral, we love to show a little extra love to our Thanksgiving displays and tables - we're suckers for a great tablescape! Whether that be with florals or decor, china or a beautifully crafted meal, we're so excited to share with you our holiday at home.

Owner and lead designer, Bronwen Smith, spends her Thanksgiving holiday along the sunny shores of Palm Beach, staying at the Breakers with family. She always brings back a little inspiration, taking from the design and décor of the beautiful hotel, to motivate us here in the office! 

The B Floral team snapped photos of their Thanksgiving displays as well! From all over the country, we pride ourselves on togetherness and a meticulous eye to detail. Happy Holidays!